Portfolio Site of Charles T. Bostic III


Senior graphic designer with 25 years of experience covering all areas of design, including corporate branding, package design, logos, magazines, Paste-up and mechanicals, media graphics, Web (front-end) design, print (pre-press), and working with licensed products and characters.

Familiar with standard practices within the industry and knowledgeable of current graphic design software used for promotions, advertisements, films, direct mail, packaging, and instructional material for websites and CD-ROMs. Generating and manipulating graphic images, animations, sound, text, and video into consolidated and seamless multimedia programs. Remaining current with technological advances is a high priority and being able to identify areas of use in the industry, and an ability to work with minimum supervision to produce high-quality creativity and provide critical adherence to standards are also an important part of my professional regimen.




Social Marketing, IT & Advertising Director

  • Direct the marketing strategy, including campaigns, events, and PR with 80% growth
  • Develop marketing strategy for new and existing programs
  • Implement brand strategy, branding, and print marketing materials
  • Responsible for photography, photographic editing, and image processing
  • Conceptualize, design, and maintain website content and social media marketing platforms for internal and external access


Graphic Designer, Marketing Specialist & Advertising Director

  • Responsible for producing and overseeing creative solutions for in-store branding and marketing materials associated with the efficient execution of select media plan initiatives
  • Created visual concepts that effectively communicated ideas, concepts, and defined messages for print, point of sale, and broadcast initiatives
  • Participated in the planning and development of the Marketing Department’s annual plan
  • Executed marketing activities with select vendors
  • Created real-world comps presentations of pre-opening interior store packages

MAGNA LEGAL SERVICES             8/2013-5/2017
320 West 37th Street, New York, NY 10017-3304
Traveling, Graphic Designer

  • Worked seamlessly to support Magna Legal Service clients in preparation for trial, arbitration, or other litigation-related events on a local and national level to grow the Trial Services Practices
  • Developed compelling visual communication graphics and executed strategy for attorneys during the litigation process
  • Responsible for leading and generating PowerPoint presentations to ensure high-quality client service, as well as coaching and developing graphics for the on-site litigation team
  • Comprised graphics to work with trial technology and jury consulting presentation
  • Partnered with Art Director and Project Managers to develop internal and external marketing concerns
  • Collaborated with the Vice President of Sales to create primary visual communications for engagements and conferences such as logos, postcards, Flyers, Takeaways, PowerPoint presentations, media graphics, magazine ads, event presentations, Social representations ads, and web design layouts. And of the process of pre-press management (outsourcing, proofing, ordering, and going on press checks to printers)
  • Leveraged experience to refine and present complex themes in a simplified, compelling format using the latest presentation technologies available
  • Traveled as required to supply litigation support, attend trials, and staff on-site engagements
  • Filed daily reports and memorandum for clients regarding the status of the graphic presentation process and relevant records were produced
  • Created coded HTML emails and posted them to social media sites (i.e. Twitter and Facebook) as part of a national marketing campaign

TRIALGRAPHIX    10/2010-06/2013
216 E 45th St # 11 New York, NY 10017-3304
Traveling Graphic Designer | Info-Designer

  • Work with the top 20 litigation firms throughout the United States, helping TrialGraphix firm become the most trusted source for litigation consulting.
  • Manage large-scale litigation projects combining technology, creative thinking, and excellent problem-solving to design innovative and comprehensive solutions.
  • Leverage experience to refine and present complex themes in a simplified, compelling format using the latest presentation technologies available.
  • Capitalize on skills in PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, and Excel for numerous clients such as Loeb & Loeb, Kirland, Boies, and other law firms around the United States.

3 Huntington Quadrangle, Melville, NY 11747
Sr. Graphic Design Specialist/Web Designer

  • Managed and created the “Robert Wagner Reverse Mortgage Campaign” on the PC platform which entailed branding solutions, web marketing campaigns, presentation booths, and direct mail campaigns. This included layouts and production changes to various campaigns with agreement with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the senior reverse mortgage industry. Additionally, established industry standards in the advancement of practices.
  • Supervised and created the production of one of the company’s subsidiaries – Lender Lead Solutions, which pertained to email marketing, marketing branding logos, ad mailers, and direct marketing pieces, proofs, and PDFs of the completed jobs.
  • Directed the rebranding of three major company sites, which consisted of the frontend creation of, &, resulting in a 200% increase in traffic and registration to the company’s flagship site
  • Designed and administered flash banners and gif animations consistent with sizing restraints for, consistent with the company’s website rebranding.
  • Organized the marketing and web development departments in the implementation of the existing backend to coincide with new frontend user-ability.
  • Assessed and rebranded the Lender Lead Solutions’ wholesale dashboard for the sales force.
  • Created and coordinated all Senior Lending Network’s magazine ads, newspapers, and billboards.
  • Managed daily workflow of projects between copy and production, oversaw the artistic design of advertisements and print materials, and worked closely with the copywriter to cultivate the right look and message for a senior audience.
  • Responsible for the quality control of images for the finished product, identified and decided on photographers, managed shoot campus, props decisions, and positioning of actor-spokesman Robert Wagner. Responsible for retouching final images for definitive presentation, when necessary.
  • Coordinated with printers on paper and ink quality to achieve the most cost-effective print presentation solution.

135 Duryea Rd., Melville, NY 11747
Sr. Graphic Designer/Production Artist

  • Applied expert knowledge of Photoshop, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, and Pre-flight programs to finalize changes to various catalogs, including sports and medical catalogs on the Macintosh platform, to include item names, numbers, prices, descriptions, and group data.
  • Manipulated multiple product logos for catalogs.
  • Managed image placement, correction, and adjustments for additional catalog copy.
  • Consulted with the art director and adhered to guidelines to prepare product information.
  • Created ad mailers, direct marketing pieces, proofs, and PDFs of completed jobs.

THE BRAVO GROUP   10/2003 – 5/2005
20 Copper Square, New York, NY 10003/Young & Rubicam Inc. 285 Madison Avenue, New York 10017
Graphic Designer/Jr. Art Director

  • Coordinated creative materials with a team of account executives, art directors, and traffic to re-purpose major ad campaigns for clients such as Sears, Budweiser, and Banco Popular, to target English and Spanish-speaking markets.
  • Aided in the production of Hispanic advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Designed and produced changes for leading product companies, including Mazda, Phillip Morris, Kraft, United States Postal Service, AT&T, and Citibank.
  • Met with account services and interactive teams to ensure consistency across all media forms (website, print ad, storyboard, etc.).
  • Responsible for changes to layout, art, and copy from the art director
  • Created comps for a diverse number of client presentations to illustrate functionality and look.
  • Responsible for the collection and printer coordination of final layouts including color correction, adjustment and final overview, artwork, and retouches of final materials, before disc collection or FTP.

TACTICA INTERNATIONAL      1/2002 – 10/2003
11 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10003
Art Director/Graphic Designer/Package Designer

  • Designed creative materials through Quark X-Press, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Performed as package designer to create effective designs on the Macintosh platform, which promoted brand integrity and ensured premium product positioning in the retail centers.
  • Supervised staff for all pre and post-production for-color package designs of full conceptual layouts as well as collected production finalized files for printing.
  • Created custom packages for IGIA products, including Derma-Cleanzer, Brush-n-Color, Lazervac, Stitch-N-Go, Little Princess, and Bead Wonder.
  • Designed support materials for emerging products such as posters, postcards, inserts, mailers, sale sheets as well as point-of-purchase displays.
  • Acted as a photographer for the products’ final package design presentation.
  • Utilized keen presentation skills to promote creative designs and brand integrity

Tutm Entertainment, Inc. • 45 Fernwood Avenue # 1 • Edison, NJ 08837 • 908-620-0900
Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Responsible for creating project layouts from pre-design, and conceptual layouts, to final production of finished CD covers, such as Kids’ Karaoke, Famous 80’s, and many other products.

WESTERLEIGH PRESS INC   04/2001 – 09/2001
2228 Victory Boulevard • Staten Island, NY 10314 • 718-370-8000
Graphic Designer

  • Responsible for the day-to-day task of creating graphics consisting of Direct mail inserts, logos flyers, 4c & 2c color layouts, illustrations of company mastheads, paste-up & mechanicals for the preparation printing, and pre-and post-production of 4/color & 2/color print jobs.
  • Four color designers for pre-design, conceptual layout, and pre-and post-production on Macintosh and PC platforms, of posters, postcards, business cards, annual reports, and sale sheets.

FERRANTI & SCHIUMO, INC   11/2000 – 04/2001
655 Third Avenues, New York, NY 10017/255 Curtis Point Drive Mantoloking, NJ, 08738-1204
Graphic Designer/Production Artist

  • Controlled project layouts for Maybelline, and L’Oreal Cosmetics for pre-design, conceptual layout, and post-production on the Macintosh platform, while dealing with minor changes before preflight.
  • Prepared product image presentation on the Macintosh platform, inclusive of the art director’s guidelines.
  • Produced postcards, inserts, mailers, sale sheets, and point-of-purchase displays.
  • Manipulated project layouts for Maybelline, and L’Oreal Cosmetics for pre-design, conceptual layout as well as final production.
  • Managed image placement, color correction, and adjustments before the final presentation, for the art director’s final approval and preflight collection.

633 Third Avenue • New York, NY 10017 • 212-682-6400
Graphic Designer/Production Artist

Designer for pre-design, conceptual layout, and pre-and post-productions on Macintosh and PC platforms.

BEN MARKETING GROUP   03/2000 – 06/2000
One Stamford Landing • Stamford, CT 06902-7229 • 203-969-1309
Graphic Designer/Production Artist

  • Controlled project layouts for Coke, Holiday Inn, and Ciba for pre-design, conceptual layout, and pre and post-productions on the Macintosh platform, and handled minor changes before preflight.

P.O. Box 290-642 • Brooklyn, NY 11229
Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Designed full layouts for magazine ads and editorials.
  • Refashioned masthead logo, designed ads and articles, and classified materials on the PC platform.
  • Collaborated with the sales team to design new looks and directions for clients’ ad campaigns.

ART ASYLUM INC.  10/1991 – 02/1993
325 Gold Street # 3 • Brooklyn, NY 11201 • 718-254-0504
Graphic Design | Package Design/Textile Design

  • Responsible for the design of logos, package designs, and forms for various toy lines such as Silence Screamers, Rock n’ the Box, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Ozzy Osbourne, and other different licensed characters.
  • Controlled project layouts, pre-design, conceptual layout, pre and post-production on the Macintosh platform, and handled minor changes before preflight.
  • Worked on mechanicals, layout design, comp, illustrations, and artistic talents related to commercial and comic book illustration to accompany work performed on licensed characters, and placed together the final production of Image magazine’s Nosferatu.
    • F.A.K.K 2 “The Ultimate FAKKING” Limited Edition Statue Package boxes
    • Space Ghost Package boxes
    • Silent Screamers Package boxes: Silent Screamers presents Nosferatu,
    • Silent Screamers presents Dr. Caligari art asylum-body splits-carnival diorama
    • Cesare Silent Screamer (Sepia Edition), The Sleep Walker By Art Asylum From The Secret Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari
    • Knock Renfield Colour Edition Silent Screamers, Edition By Art Asylum From Nosferatu
    • Handled a number of different products such as:
    • KISS Destroyer Two Foot Tall Art Asylum Figures Package boxes
    • Kiss Destroyer N The Box Set De 4 Figuras De Art Asylum Package boxes
    • Bark at the Moon Package boxes, N The Box
  • Completed graphics for Silent Screamers: Nosferatu comic for Image magazine N The Box Logo and package design, Art Asylum editorial about the release of Marvel comics Alpha Flight, Silent Screamers logo, Nosferatu logo, Aslym Jack Christmas card puzzle, Custom Digger Art Asylum Business Card Coin, As well as the current Art Asylum Logo and helped to establish a brand.

Brooklyn, New York
Principle and Creative Director/Illustrator

  • Coordinated the illustration of licensed characters for the magazine lineup (Die Tieger, Anchor, Armor Michelle).
  • Created the company’s masthead logo as well as all logo designs that pertain to the individual character design.
  • Produced corporate proposals; created concepts of character designs, card sets, and magazine 4c color layouts.
  • Responsible for the lettering, graphic design, and coordination of all illustrators for the production of monthly distribution.
  • Coordinated with the editorial department on marketing and illustrations of licensed characters for the company’s graphic novel production line and website (i.e., Die Tieger, Anchor, Armor Michelle, and Ravenous Redd).
  • Created the company’s branding as well as all logo cover designs that pertained to the individual character designs.
  • Produced corporate proposals and created concepts of character designs, card sets, and magazine 4/color layouts.
  • Responsible for branding and all graphic design, including the company’s website.
  • Produced three title publications to date: Fusion Anthology (N-Case), Fusion Anthology (Enshell), and Brooklyn Breed Da’ Art of Ravenous Redd, Numerous Marketing materials such as; T-shirts and Posters, and coordinated all illustrators for production of monthly distribution.

THE INK SHOP  01/1995 – 04/2000
1219 Gravesend Neck Road • Brooklyn, NY 11229 • 718-627-1020
Art Director | Senior Graphic Designer

  • Responsible for the day-to-day task of running the art department, consisting of graphic design of logos flyers 4c & 2c color layouts, illustrations of company mastheads, paste-up & mechanicals for the preparation printing, and pre-and post-production of 4/color & 2/color print jobs.

BF GRAPHICS  06/1991 – 01/1995
Brooklyn, New York
Jr. Graphic Designer | Layout Artist

  • Responsible for the design of logos and forms for various companies such as Powerhouse Gym and Active Layout Artist warehouse
  • Utilized talents in computer design and illustration to produce a weekly newspaper for Spring Creek Sun, which consisted of ad, layout, and shooting veloxes and weekly artist on Joshua’ Dragon.
  • Designing logos and forms for various companies,


Brooklyn, New York

Computer Graphics/Production

  • Designed graphics for the Fulton Art Festival poster, and also handled the mechanics and production of the poster done by Mshindo Kuumba I. (of AL EL ART STUDIOS)


Manhattan, New York


  • The lettertist of the book “Tori-Shi-Kori”, and a one-page illustration of the main character.

CO-BEE WEEP INC. 02/94 – 8/94
Brooklyn, New York
Illustrator/Lettertist/Graphic Designer/Art Director (Freelance)

  • The production and illustration of the character designs of the comic book “World Around Mondahji”, written by Robin S. Moore.

Newark, New Jersey

  • Illustrator/Letterist/Graphic Designer (Freelance)
  • The illustration of a syndicated newspaper strip called
  • “HOME” by Khasha King, Don Newsome, and Jeri Allen appeared in the “CITY SUN”.

A & B BOOKS/A & B DISTRIBUTORS  10/1991 – 02/1993
146 Lawrence Street • Brooklyn, NY 11201 • 718-596-0872

  • Responsible for pencil illustrations and embellishing on 22 pages of Sectornauts 2.
  • Responsible for airbrush painted cover on Sectornauts 3.
  • Character & costume design/visual development for two projects involving Femme Fatal for A & B Books.

AMERICAN MARKETING, INC.  01/1990 – 11/1990
855 Humboldt Street • Brooklyn, NY • 718- 349-7353
Production Artist

  • Planned, developed, and implemented campaigns for various companies.
  • Provided support and assistance to the Art Director for the design and production of paste-up & mechanicals for the preparation of shooting plates and emblems for such companies as New York City Mass Transit Authority, Ford, and various Alloy Boat Builders manufacturers.
  • Examined unexposed photographic plate to detect flaws or foreign particles prior to printing pattern of aperture masks on sensitized steel
  • Repaired defective plates with missing dots, using a photographic touch-up tool and ink.


IBM environment: Adobe Creative Suite CS (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Animate, Audition, Lightroom), Microsoft Office 2016 (Excel, PowerPoint, and Word), Corel Draw 16, Vector Magic 14, QuarkXPress 8, Suitcase 12.

MACINTOSH environment: Adobe Creative Suite CS (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Animate, Audition, Lightroom), Microsoft Office 2013 (Excel, PowerPoint, and Word), Adobe Streamline, QuarkXPress 8, Flight Check, Suitcase Fusion 6.

Other Skills
Illustration, WordPress & Photography


National Seminars Training; Adobe Photoshop Users Conference
Course Training: Advanced Photoshop Techniques
 The CUNY Institute for Software Design and Development (CISDD),
Information Technology Education Program; Certificate in Information Technology Education Program

Course Training: Web Designer and Developer Training Intensive training course in MS. Office, Web design technologies, and Theory, HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, and JavaScript

 Pratt Institute – Manhattan, The Puck Building, 295 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012
Associate of Fine Arts: Major Illustration/Minor Graphic Design